Bioclimatic pergolas

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Pergola and closure terrace - the bioclimatic ALBA pergola is Corradi's response to everything that implies innovation and perfection in the field. The simple design, which can be assorted without any doubt with any architectural design, is an important asset. But the resistance piece comes when we talk about the usefulness of this terrace closure system: the ceiling is completely enclosed and waterproof thanks to gutters integrated into the structure and pillars. The ALBA bioclimatic pergola is provided with aluminium blades that can be rotated up to 150 degrees with remote control, light regulation and ventilation. The blades also have the role of dispersing water in the lateral parts when they are opened after a storm. In addition, another advantage of the ALBA bioclimatic pergola is that it can be installed in various ways: on a wall, supported on the front pillars, self-support with four poles, respectively mounted on an existing structure (ALBA LIBERTY).

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