Lateral closures

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Ermetika & Ermetika XL lateral closure systems or wind protection walls are roll-in-box and side-guides for vertical closure with Cristal canvas.

Ermetika is the best solution for closing the terrace and can be operated both manually and electrically with a remote control. A wide range of materials can be chosen depending on the desired effect: transparent, dim, camouflage, or mosquitos net.

Corradi Ermetika and Ermetika XL are the ideal products to protect your terraces, in conjunction with a Corradi pergola, or in an existing space such as towers, verandas, balconies, etc. They can be mounted on wooden, aluminum, steel, masonry, PVC structures, which are versatile and provide effective protection against wind, rain and snow.

The customer can control the opening of the Ermetika systems, as required, and in winter, the created microclimate helps the terrace to be transformed into a pleasant space.

Advantages of Corradi Ermetika systems against competitors:
- custom produced in Italy, with a high quality of manufacture standards, according to all EC requirements and certificates TUV SUD ISO 9001;
- the minimalist design of the box and side profiles of only 60 mm, including a patented canvas retaining system;
- Cristal protective canvas, a very resistant to mechanical action and UV rays;
- a unique welding system, almost invisible;
- the gasket under the horizontal profile which takes over the small imperfections from the floor;
- electric control with a remote control, or manual, with double articulated cranks;
- mounting system for curtains or curtains included in the box.

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