2014 Project Terrace Diesel, Bucharest

Corradi Ermetika

Corradi Ermetika systems are suitable for any structure - the Diesel terrace on Lake Floreasca is protected by these windy walls, being usable even in the cold season.

Advantages of Corradi Ermetika systems against competitors:
- are produced on order in Italy, with high quality of manufacture, according to all EC requirements and certificates TUV SUD ISO 9001;
- minimalist design of the box and side profiles of only 60 mm, including a patented foil retaining system;
- Crystal protective film, a very resistant to mechanical action and UV rays, with a unique welding system almost invisible;
- the gasket under the horizontal profile that takes over the small imperfections from the floor;
- electric control with remote control or manual, with double articulated crank;
- mounting system for curtains or curtains included in the box.

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