Osho Primaverii Restaurant Bucharest 2020, Romania

Corradi Palladia & Lights & Ermetika XL

Osho Primaverii – taste of excellence, had excellent results on the terrace after the first part of the project was implemented in 2018.

In 2020, we installed two more retractable roof pergolas, Corradi Palladia, this time including the lateral protection provided by Corradi Ermetika XL systems with Cristal foil.

During this second stage, we also installed the lateral protection systems on the already existing pergolas.

  • electrically operated retractable roofs
  • LED lighting system built into the roof
  • Corradi Ermetika XL systems with Crystal foil
  • everything controlled from the multi-channel remote control
  • water is drained by integrated gutters and the pillars act as drainpipes

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