Bioclimatic pergolas

Imago is the Corradi project born from a new vision of the external space, what happens there, what you can imagine doing.

A solution with adjustable blades up to 135˚ in witch are integrated LED lights perfectly centered. The gutter gives the possibility of incorporating LED lights throughout the entire internal perimeter creating an extremely pleasant lighting system.

The particularity of the product is that the exterior aspect can be completely different from the interior one by painting the pillars and beams in two colors (bi-color effect).

Imago also shows off its superior level of flexibility with its many configurations of side closures: sliding glass doors, Aura panels, vertical screens with transparent or filtering canvas, dual closure with glasses, and vertical screens.

To complete the optional components that make Imago a self-sufficient pavilion, Corradi developed a new 17.5 cm high platform that can compensate for differences in height, which can be completed with different types of walking surfaces.

The maximum size of a single module Corradi Imago is 6.27 m x 5 m.

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